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Because of the huge interest and the affordability of the smart phones, tablets and the so-called "phablets", the vast majority of the Bulgaria's population now has an access to these high-tech devices. Nowadays we even hav smart TV's, smart air conditioners, smart cars, but something is missing - the connecting link. We are witnessing a new generation of users who are looking for new devices and gadgets that are able to make their life easier. Their demand is for multifunctionality and uniqueness. Do you recognize yourself in this group of users? If you are a person who has a dynamic lifestyle and you are tired to deal and distract with small, everyday things, and you want to save time for the things you love, then wht better solution then a home automation system for your apartment, office and house?!
Automation of your home is the next logical step for improving your quality of life and it will evn rise the market price of your property. If you are in the process of designing and building a new home, or you want to modernize your current one, New Age Systems Ltd. is the company that will offer you the best solutions tailored entirely to your wishes, needs and lifestyle in the process of creating your new smart home.



The automation process requires the application of the individual approach to each client and his apartment, office or house. The team of New Age Systems Ltd. possesses the necessary experience and offers tested systems and home automation products of leading, world renowned manufacturers like Fibaro, Zipato, Aeon Labs, Danfoss, Everspring, Vision, Foscam, Global Cache and others. Moreover, we are the official representative of Fibaro and Zipato for Bulgaria - the leaders in wireless home automation systems.

Our team is working hard to give you the best competitive prices on the market of smart devices, fast delivery, as well as the support necessary to make the right choice! Our new online store is the next step to shorten the distance between you and your new smart system, and our team is your assistant, who will provide the support required!

What sets us apart from the competitors on the market of Z-wave devices is our rich experience and the after sale support that we provide to our customers. We are not just dealers but installers as well, so we have to constantly track the newest products on the market of smart devices! We can be useful not only in the process of configuring your smart system, the supply of its individual components, but also with the subsequent installation and setup. In the company's history, we have built a complete smart systems with controllers and components manufactured by Fibaro, but also with those of Zipato.
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Our team wishes you a pleasant shopping!

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