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About the Smart systems

Home automation

Thanks to the technical progress, every household has electric appliances, automation and autonomy of which has always been the number one goal of the manufacturers. The ability of each "smart home" to self-regulate and assist the everyday activities of their owners fell more in the field of the "best wishes" and science fiction than objective reality. Now, with the advent of wireless technology such as Z-wave, home automation is affordable, easy to use and setup.


Z-wave, say NO to the cables

Z-wave is wirelessly transmitted protocol designed specifically for home automation purposes. It is transmitted via low frequency radio waves between all devices and the controller. Using low frequency spectrum around 868mhz, Z-wave devices are not disturbed either from your home wifi, bluetooth or from other devices using the range of 2.4ghz. Taking into account the fact that the lower frequencies pass more easily through walls and furniture, Z-wave is the perfect way to control and automate any home. Much of the automation systems on the market require additional wiring, which, if not envisaged at the beginning of the construction of the house or his overhaul, leads to extra costs during the installation process. Moreover, if something goes wrong, the whole process must be often repeated, which we consider as unacceptable! Eliminating the need for additional wiring, the Z-wave protocol allows for easy and quick installation, confined to install the devices directly in the console box of the outlets or light switches saving you time and costs. Furthermore, the Z-wave protocol uses the so called "MESH network" technology. In other words, it provides the opportunity for any Z-wave switch, sensor or accessory powered directly from the mains to automatically repeat/forward the commands from the controller to the device for which they are intended. This greatly expands the scope and flexibility of the system. In practice, each directly powered from the mains Z-wave device may be added whenever you want and thus expanding and strenghtening your Z-wave network.


Examples of automation

The Z-wave systems can be used to control your heating, ventilation, air conditioning devices, lighting, curtain control, security system, intercom and any other home appliance. We offer the controllers of FIbaro and Zipato which allow the user to automate every aspect of your home, from turning off the lights to close the curtains in the morning, or at a preset by the user time, to arm the alarm system and receive a push message if a door or window is left open. The programming algorithm of the system allows anyone with even a basic knowledge of English to automate and configure his home in a manner, which will fulfil his dreams and desires.


Long-term investment

Why is it necessary to have a separate smart appliances when you can have much more?! With a home automation system you will have everything in one place, and taking into account all the improvements that will occur in your lifestyle, the automation of your home starts to make sense. Many people want to improve the selling price of their homes and just imagine how any potential buyer will get not just a system for automating and controlling the lighting, but also the security system and full control over heating and cooling and all the appliances in the home. Each of them would be impressed by the fact that you spend your time to turn your home into a smart one! Fully integrated, the home automation system will impress everyone - from your friends and relatives to potential buyers. Many people would like to pay more for such already built and configured home.


Let us now introduce to you the two major manufacturers of wireless, Z-wave systems worldwide - Fibaro and Zipato.


Fibaro - the new standard

Fibaro is a proud member of the Z-wave alliance and currently there are 250 companies in the world who have access to the Z-wave technology. However, the system made by Fibaro is a world leader in the production of an affordable and wireless controllers and devices for the automation of your apartment, office and villa. The company has a dealership network in over 50 ountries, and is compatible with almost all Z-wave devices currently available on the market, made by other manufacturers. That is because Fibaro tries to support as much devices as possible in order to fully satisfy their customers. This allows any user with an existing Z-wave network to pass easily to Fibaro. The home automation system enables all devices that can be controller manually, to be controlled also from a smartphone, tablet or a computer with Internet from anywhere in the world.

Personalization and adaptation
Imagine for a moment that you are the proud owner of a smart home. Yes, you can control all with the Fibaro system! It is extremely well designed, elegant and most of all - wireless. The system allows you to have full control over the automated processes in your home. You could start with a small project with just a few switches or cameras just to see and feel the uniqueness of its abilities, and subsequently you can add new switches, devices and contacts in your home automation system. You can start with a basic security system or a way to control your lights at home without getting up from the couch or bed, and then proceed to a point when you will have a complete automation of your home. The system can be programmed so that when you go back at your home after work to open the gate (if you live in a house), to turn on the heating and the lighting, and even start the coffee machine so you can enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee which will wait for you as soon as you walk in through your front door. Perhaps you do know that unpleasant feeling of anxiety that haunt you as soon as you leave your home in a rush early in the morning, wondering if you forgot your iron on or the garage door open. Do not worry, with Fibaro you can check, or even set the system automatically to turn off the all the lights and devices, close the curtains and the garage door. The system even has a build in voice recognitioning function called "Lily". And last, but not least, the Fibaro system has the option to use programming blocks and virtual devices for the more advanced users. Why wasting your time on such a small, everyday activities?! With Fibaro the choice is yours, everything else is a matter of imagination.


Fibaro's interface is not only easy to use and pleasing to the eye, but is filled with multiple functionalities. The designers have taken into account all the client's wishes making the work with the GUI a pleasure. With a click or touch of a button, you can turn on or off all the lights, or a specific device. The intuitive programming blocks of the Fibaro system turn the programming process into a child's play, resembling a jigsaw puzzle. There is another advantage of the Fibaro system - even if the Internet connection to the server is interrupted, the system provides an opportunity for local access and so you can change the settings as you wish.


The technology
The Fibaro system uses only the Z-wave protocol, but there is one big advantage - it is one of the few systems currently on the market that can monitor and display the current position of your blinds, curtains and awnings, their energy consumption, and even alerts you if the built-in battery in a device is running low (for those who use a battery instead of a constant current source). Adding a sensors for smoke and water, with their sophisticated design, Fibaro wil lprovide security, tranquility and true home automation. Moreover, the system offers the option of tracking the GPS data from your smart phone, thus it monitors your location and when approaching your home it will open the front gate, turn on the lights, or do everything that you already programmed it to do.


Zipato - the dignified competitor
The home automation system by the manufacturer Zipato has all the necessary qualities, and even more, to be called a dignified competitor to thealready proven leader - Fibaro. Moreover, in the past two years, Zipato continued the expansion of its distribution and customer network, and New Age Systems Ltd. is their proud representative for the Bulgarian market. In our opinion, Zipato is challenging the leadership of Fibaro, even we can say that it already deserves it. The system has all the features that Fibaro has, as they successfully compete with the design, cost, maintenance and functionality!


Personalization and adaptation
Everything that Fibaro has as an arsenal of options, Zipato has it too. Moreover, its block system for programming of individual scenes is much more intuitive and easy to understand. It is the kind "if and then", which we all know from various Office packages and text editors. And since Zipato is comparatively new to the market, its interface is continually updated, improved, and it is based on consumer opinions and recmmendations. New features and devices are continuously added as the number of manufacturers of Z-wave devices is constantly growing. The system even successfully controls a large number of the products made by Fibaro.


The technology
Fibaro only uses the Z-wave technology and is compatible with devices that implement it. On the other hand, Zipato is a modular system that allows the installation of additional modules, attached directly to the main controller called Zipabox. Thus, to the Zipabox can be added additional modules to control more devices which use various frequencies and standards (eg. 433mhz KNX, ZigBee), or even add the so called "Backup module", which is a spare lithium-ion battery. Thre is also another module called "Security module", through which the system can even be equiped with up to 6 wired sensors from the existing alarm system at your home. It is notible that Zipato, unlike Fibaro, is well designed smart alarm system with additional functions - the automation of your home. Zipato is fully compatible with the alarm systems made by PARADOX (through PRT3) and DSC (through IT-100). Moreover, for comparison, the engineers from Fibaro are still working on additional module with a built-in battery and a GSM module, while Zipato already has working ones. Apparently, Zipato is catching up and in some points they are ahead of Fibaro.


Zipato's interface is extremely functional, allowing the user to monitor the implementation of all defined commands and parameters. The good thing for both competing systems is that they return the current state of their relays. In other words, whether they are on or off. Thus, the user receives direct information about the status of his devices. Zipato uses a direct connection from Zipabox to their servers in order to reconfigure the controller. This of course we could not call a weakness, because even if the internet connection is not working at your home, Zipato offers 3G module that works with all mobile operators through which Zipabox will automaticaly connect to the servers. That is how you will always have a connection and control over your smart home.


In conclusion
Both systems come with a rich set of features and they are constantlu improving. Depending on your wishes, we will offer you what is best for you and your home in terms of price, quality and functionality.

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